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traffic growth in GA

Case Study: Buying 2 Websites To Merge Into One

This website merge case study will offer some valuable insights into a complex process of not only buying existing websites, but merging them together for maximum results. I am going to keep it short, sweet and to the point. No extra fluff or crap you do not need. I will share as much as I … Read More

crawl status report

Google Search Console Crawl Stats Guide

Google Search Console has a crawl stats report that offers a ton of information about how Google is crawling your website. It is a great way to see if Google is having any issues crawling your website. If your website is having crawling issues, then SEO efforts will be wasted! This article will help you understand how … Read More

website audit guide - tutorial 1 - the basics

Basic Website Audit Checks – Tutorial #1

YAY! You are getting ready to kick off your website audit! I am so excited to be able to help you with this journey, and look forward to releasing many more videos to help you analyze your own website. While I did do a video to review the training, I know some enjoy a visual … Read More

youtube keyword cannibalization guide cover

Keyword Cannibalization Guide With GSC Analysis

Key Takeaways Keyword cannibalization is one of the top issues I see when I do website audits. When several pages are fighting for the same keyword, it can prevent any of them from ranking well. This is why it is critical you invest some time into analyzing your keywords and pages to determine if you have … Read More

homepage content at scale

Content At Scale Review: Could It Be The Best Long Form AI Writer?

Yes, Content At Scale might just be the best long-form content AI writing tool I have met yet. I am always trying new SEO tools and services, which is why I started a YouTube Channel. But, usually I am left a bit disappointed. Not this time. To see what Content At Scale could deliver from … Read More

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jasper ai vs content at scale

Jasper AI vs Content At Scale: Who Wins The Content Battle?

There is no shortage of AI content writing tools out there that is for sure. Jasper AI has seemed to have skyrocketed in growth and it is the one AI tool that I frequently see recommended – and the one I have been using. But recently I have seen a few people mention Content at … Read More

SERP analysis

How To Do A SERP Analysis + Why You Need To!

There is no better way to understand the landscape of the search results and what it will take to outrank the top pages than to do a SERP analysis. But sadly, many website owners and bloggers fail to invest the time in looking at the Google search results. As an SEO, I run a SERP … Read More

query hunter plugin gumroad

Query Hunter Plugin: Improve Your Content With GSC Data

If you follow me at all you know I am a huge Google Search Console nerd. You can use Google Search Console (GSC) to find keyword opportunities, cannibalization issues, and so much more – but it can be a bit time intensive to do these things. Well, Query Hunter is here to make one task … Read More

webpagetest beginner tutorial

WebPageTest Beginners Guide

How fast your website loads and its performance has never mattered more for SEO than it does today. Google rewards websites that offer their users the best experience – which means great content, site speed, and usability will help you lead the pack in the SERP results. But, working on page speed is probably one … Read More