Created for bloggers and B2B website owners.

😕 Frustrated with your website growth?
😕 Wish you could troubleshoot it yourself?
😕 Ready to grow your traffic and make more money?

I am guessing the answer to all of these questions is yes!

What if I said you could turn those frowns upside down?

This DIY website audit checklist has over 200+ items to help you
understand why your website growth is flat.

😊 Find technical issues and learn how to improve them!
😊 Understand what content is working and what isn’t!
😊 Learn how to implement modern SEO tactics to grow!

This SEO audit covers these items and so much more!


The Free Website Audit Checklist

Just a few of the goodies you will find on the free audit template.

What is included in the free version?

  • 12 categorized sheets with list of website checks
  • Short detail of why the item should be reviewed
  • Result column to mark how you do for that item
  • Difficulty column to show how hard an item is to fix
  • Importance level of the item for SEO efforts
  • Tool recommendations for testing
  • Resource links for items so you can learn more


Why are search engines not indexing pages? How many errors does your website have? Find the roadblocks that prevent the bots from crawling your website.


Internal, external, and backlinks – oh my! So many links – so many reasons to make sure they are done right! Get a better look at your entire link profile.


Is your content the best out there? Are you adding value and making it stronger than the competition? Find out how to analyze content and what it takes to stand out.

Structured Data

Help Google better understand the intent of your content with structured data. Do you have Schema code? Is it valid? Let’s dive in!

sample of website audit

The Premium Website Audit Checklist

Are you serious about your growth?
Then the premium audit will be for you!

While the free version offers a lot of great resources, the premium version will kick it up a notch! It has all of the items in the free version and more to help you maximize your growth quickly!

What will be included in the premium version:

  • All of the items in the free version
  • Google sheet and Looker studio templates to help you analyze data
  • How-to-videos to help you fix audit items
  • Free updates to the template and tutorials
  • Private Facebook group solely devoted to improving your website
Scared to go it alone?

Hire Me To Do Your Audit For You

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