Website Audit Services

Find the issues that are preventing organic website growth.

This is not an automated website audit!

Over 250+ manually reviewed checkpoints are done for every audit.

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What You Get With An Audit

Video Consultation

After your audit is delivered we will schedule a date to have a 1 hour video consultation. This will be a review of the audit and a time for you to ask all your questions!

Audit Worksheet

The audit will be delivered in a Google worksheet with several tabs that focus on different audit areas. The worksheet offers insights, priority levels, feedback, and resources to fix specific items.


Growth Opportunities

By prioritizing the right things as shown in the audit, you can start working on the items that will bring the quickest impact. This audit will layout a clear path to organic growth.

Over 250+ Checks In Every Website Audit

That’s right, my website audit services include manually reviewing over 250+ points that might be impacting your SEO efforts.

Below are just a few of the points I will review – and this is updated to stay current with Google best practices.

Technical Analysis

The technical assessment will look for issues that are impacting your organic growth.

  • Can the search engines crawl your website?
  • Is your page speed causing issues for users?
  • Does your site resolve to one domain?
  • Is your website mobile friendly?

There are many checks done in this part of the audit that can help improve crawling and ranking.

Content Analysis

Now more than ever, the content you are creating needs to be exceptional. The content audit will include an in-depth look at several pages in various parts of the website.

  • Are landing pages well-written and conversion optimized?
  • Are blog posts covering all aspects of a topic to increase ranking opportunities?
  • Are there issues with spelling or grammar?
  • Is the content engaging?
  • Are entities being used to better optimize text?

Several pages will be analyzed and you will be provided feedback to improve them if needed.

Keyword Analysis

Using several tools, we will find the keywords that are currently driving the most organic traffic to your website.

From this analysis we can then offer insight into what terms seem to be the largest wins and determine if there are issues like keyword cannibalization.

This is not a keyword research service, but a holistic view of the keywords you already rank for.

On-page Analysis

The basics still apply even in 2023!

  • Are you using good title tags?
  • Are meta descriptions being created?
  • Are you optimizing your page content with a main keyword as well as related keywords?
  • Is the URL structure good?
  • Are internal linking efforts being made?
  • Is schema markup being used?

All of these still play an important part in ranking well.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are important.

There I said it. I hate backlink building too, but it is a must to be successful. The backlink analysis will help you understand how well (or not) you are doing with your backlink profile.

  • The number of backlinks.
  • How many are from authoritative websites.
  • Are they industry relevant?
  • What is the breakdown of anchor text?
  • Are there any harmful links pointing to your website?

Competitor Analysis

I will ask who you think your top 3 competitors are and do an analysis of those websites for you.

This will help you understand the keywords they rank for, backlinks they have, and their overall SEO successes.

You will be provided a list of their top keywords and backlinks so you can assess opportunities.

User Experience Analysis

Do users struggle to use your website? Data from Google Analytics and a manual review can help you understand issues that may prevent a smooth user experience.

  • Is your bounce rate high?
  • Is the time on page too low?
  • Are there too many popups?
  • Are ads overwhelming?
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Month Over Month Traffic Doubled!

I took Jill’s audit report and got to work. Just by following her advice on cleaning up my posts, the month-over-month traffic to my site doubled in less than 6 months.

– Amy @GoPetFriendly

Standard Website Audit

Website audits start at $3,000 (pricing is based on website size)
Delivery: 10 business days

Full website audits include:

  • Google sheet with several tabs broken down by audit area.
  • Summary page that clearly tells you what you should focus on first.
  • One hour post audit consultation for full service website audits.

Worksheets include:

  • Element inspected which is the item that was analyzed.
  • Element details offer insight into what the element is and the importance of it.
  • How did you do is how well your website is performing for that element.
  • Difficulty to fix is how hard it might be to improve that element.
  • Importance offers some insight into how important the element is so you know what should be fixed first.
  • Notes give you an idea of what the issue is on our specific website if the result is fair or poor.
  • Resources are links where you can learn more about a specific element.
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