Content At Scale Review: Could It Be The Best Long Form AI Writer?

Yes, Content At Scale might just be the best long-form content AI writing tool I have met yet.

I am always trying new SEO tools and services, which is why I started a YouTube Channel. But, usually I am left a bit disappointed.

Not this time.

To see what Content At Scale could deliver from just a simple keyword or key-phrase is kind of amazing.

Let me take you on a tour of Content At Scale so you can understand why I am so darn impressed with this tool – and am now a customer!

It is important to note that Content At Scale is still in Beta having just launched in September 2022! Small bugs and issues may be found, but the team is quick to respond and is working hard to make it more amazing.

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Who Is Content At Scale For?

Content At Scale is for those looking to mass scale content production at a lower cost than hiring writers.

Imagine having a 1,000+ word article written by simply entering – or bulk uploading your keywords. It is really that easy.

Content at Scale Features

A quick overview of the main features of Content At Scale for your easy viewing. I will offer a bit more detail on most of these further below.

Content at Scale
Price$500 per month (20 posts)
Types of ContentSEO driven long-form content
AI TechnologyMix of 3 AI engines + 2 NLP/Semantic Analysis algorithms.
PlagiarismCopyscape integration to check for plagiarism
Languages English only right now
SEO Optimization Includes optimization tool
EngagementOption to add auto-generated click-to-tweet boxes and key takeaways
Tone of VoiceChoose the tone you would like the article written in
Refund PolicyIf you are not happy with your first 5 articles within 30 days you can request a full refund.

Content At Scale Pricing

So right about now you are probably freaking out about the price, and honestly, I did too at first!

Until I realized exactly what the tool does.

I sat down and analyzed my time and costs from other tools or with outsourcing content to really determine whether it made sense for me to continue using Content At Scale.

There is also a full cost comparison to Jasper AI in my Jasper vs Content At Scale article.

Content At Scale currently has 3 pricing plans.

content at scale pricing

With Content At Scale you are billed per post – not per word.

This means no matter how many words they generate for your article the price is the same, which is different than other AI tools.

If you add more words to the article in the editor which also creates more unique content for you, there is NO additional charge either.

Because the words in a post may vary based on the search results, you might have some posts with 800 words or some with 2,000 words. You are not charged more or less for that, it works out to $25 per post in the lowest package no matter the length of content

Let’s also look at this another way – your time for editing and production should also be included when considering costs.

Other AI writers may require more prompts and commands and much more editing than what I need to do with Content at Scale and that should be factored in.

Limited Time Offer

Free Keyword Research + 20% Boost To Post Credits

Done For You Service

For those of you really in a hurry and want a hands-off service, Content at Scale also offers a done for you service.

This service costs $2,000 and for that you get 20 posts.

The package will include keyword research, SEO optimization, images, editing, and publishing.

The service is month-to-month and you can cancel at anytime.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple interface
  • Integrates with WordPress
  • Long-form content from a keyword
  • Creates engaging elements like click-to-tweet and takeaway boxes
  • Bulk upload keywords for mass content scaling
  • Content output is very good in most cases
  • Responsive support team
  • Plagiarism checker
  • NLP optimization tool
  • No learning curve like with other tools


  • Tool is in Beta and may have some small bugs
  • Pricing may be too high for small publishers
  • Only does long-form content

Yep, a lot more pros than cons of this tool!

Ai written content should still be reviewed! I personally do not recommend using AI generated content on your website without proper editing and review!

How To Use Content at Scale

It could not be more easy to use Content at Scale.

Here are the steps you take to generate that long form content.

  • Enter a keyword, or upload a CSV file of many keywords
  • Enter an optional context to further define expected output
  • Enter optional tone of voice – choose from the auto-populated options or add your own (like a celebrity)
  • Enter a target audience to help the AI better understand who you are writing for
  • Click create content
  • Go get yourself a coffee and play with the dog
  • When content is completed you can review, edit, and publish

And that is all folks.

You can watch the video below to see how to create one post – or a lot of posts.

Content at Scale video tutorial

The Editing Dashboard

Once your article is prepared, you can either just upload it to your website, or use the Content at Scale editor to improve it.

Below is how the screen looks when you begin editing/reviewing the content output and an overview of all the sections.

  1. Title – auto generated recommended title based on the keyword you input
  2. URL slug – recommended slug
  3. Meta description – suggested meta description
  4. Select featured image – choose a royalty-free image to append to the article
  5. Words, paragraphs, headings, and media show content comparisons to the top ranking pages
  6. Pending optimization is a dropdown where you can set what status the post is in
  7. Small arrow to the right of update will allow you to link to a public version of the article so you can preview or share it
  8. Full WYSIWYG editor for total editing controls
  9. Optimization tab offers NLP optimization recommendations based on top ranking pages
  10. Brief allows you to rerun the content if you are not happy with it and also provides content ideas from top ranking pages so you can improve the content if you would like.
  11. Review is where you can check for plagairism.
content editor content at scale

Content Brief

content at scale brief tab

The content brief feature is pretty cool as well so I wanted to cover that a bit too on its own.

The brief tab will give you some insight into the top competitors and additional ideas for content.

You can find additional content to add to the content that was delivered to add more detail.

What is really cool about this – is you can just click the icon with the lines and plus sign and Content at Scale will add that content to your article.

But it does not add it exactly, it completely rewrites it! This is no extra cost either, it is included in the $500 monthly fee!

The rerun button allows you to completely rewrite the article up to 2x. So, if you are not happy with the first result, use the rerun post to get a whole new post.

If after the 2nd rerun you are still not happy – you should reach out to the team and let them know so they can see what is going on!

More Content = More Ranking Keywords!

Start Scaling Your Content!

Content at Scale Sample Output

Below are some samples of the output from Content at Scale.

This example came straight from me entering “how to become a midwife”.

It is 100% unedited and has 1,230 words!

I actually tested this article out against Jasper’s one-shot blog post, so be sure to check out my comparison post to see the difference in output.

content at scale example 2 content output
content at scale example 2 content output
content at scale example 2 content output
content at scale example 2 content output
content at scale example 2 content output

Here are a few more examples. These are links to the content straight from the tool, which is a cool feature that let’s you share content with others for feedback without giving them access to the dashboard.

These examples are completely untouched:

Affiliate Program

Yes, they do have an affiliate program that pays out 15% recurring commissions on any sale you refer. You can sign up for the Content at Scale affiliate program here.

What Does Google Think Of AI Content?

For those of you concerned about AI content, you should be cautious, but not scared. According to John Mueller, it is considered spam – but he also noted that it is hard to identify AI content.

AI written content should always be reviewed for proper grammar, spelling, and of course data. Spend another 15 or 20 minutes editing it and making it your own and you can still come out ahead!

So, what are you waiting for!

Head on over to Content at Scale and give it a try.

Remember, they do offer a refund within 30 days for up to 5 posts, so there is little risk. Chances are, you will be pretty happy you gave it a try.