Jasper AI vs Content At Scale: Who Wins The Content Battle?

There is no shortage of AI content writing tools out there that is for sure.

Jasper AI has seemed to have skyrocketed in growth and it is the one AI tool that I frequently see recommended – and the one I have been using.

But recently I have seen a few people mention Content at Scale as an up and coming competitor in the space that might be better than Jasper. You can read our full Content at Scale review here.

So of course that brings up the question “Jasper AI vs Content At Scale, which is really better?”

Curiosity got the best of me so I had to test both tools out side by side.

This article will show you the differences in product features, pricing, and actual content output so you can compare the results yourself.

Let’s get started with some basic feature comparisons.

Jasper AI vs Content at Scale Comparison Table

A quick overview of how these tools compare on price and features.

Jasper (Boss Mode)Content at Scale
PriceStarts at $59 per month for 50K words$500 per month (20 posts)
Types of ContentAll types of copy including long & short form, ads, etc. SEO Driven Blog Content
(no ads or other types of copy)
AI TechnologyGPT-3Mix of 3 AI engines + 2 NLP/Semantic Analysis algorithms.
Plagiarism CheckerCopyscape IntegrationCopyscape Integration
Tone/Voice of Content Choose A ToneChoose A Tone
Languages Supported20+ LanguagesEnglish only right now
Optimization FeatureIntegrates with Surfer SEO (additional fee)Includes optimization tool
Refund Policy5 Day 100% Money Back GuaranteeIf you are not happy with your first 5 articles within 30 days you can request a full refund.

Jasper AI vs Content At Scale: The Main Differences

While they might both seem to be similar AI tools, there are a few differences that make them really unique.

  • Content Output: Both tools can create content, but Content At Scale solely focuses on SEO driven long-form blog posts or articles. Jasper can do long-form content as well as many other options like ads, short-form content, social media and more.
  • SEO Optimization: Content At Scale has an integrated SEO optimization tool that offers NLP optimization and a checklist for improving content. Jasper offers an integration with SurferSEO which would require an extra monthly subscription.
  • Pricing: Content At Scale is higher priced and the cost is per post not per word like Jasper. On average a post with Content At Scale would be $25, with Jasper is would depend on how many words you ask Jasper to write.

Jasper AI vs Content at Scale Pricing

So right about now you are probably freaking out about the price, and I honestly, I did too!

But, when I really sat down and analyzed my time and costs from other tools or with outsourcing content, the results surprised me.

Let’s break things down a bit!

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a much more affordable option.

I currently have the Boss Mode plan which is what I am using in samples below and is recommended for long-form content like blog posts.

This plan starts at $59 per month for 50,000 words.

jasper ai pricing

Content at Scale

Content at Scale is expensive, there is no way to sugar coating it.

It starts at $500 per month for 20 posts.

They do not go by words since posts will vary in length depending on what the tool deems necessary to outrank competitors.

content at scale pricing



So the first thing you need to notice is that Jasper charges PER WORD. So every time you push the button to generate content or ask it to create a new paragraph you will be charge for each word.

With Content At Scale you are billed for each PER POST. Because the words in a post may vary based on the search results, you might have some posts with 800 words or some with 2,000 words. You are not charged more or less for that, it works out to $25 per post no matter the length the tool delivers.

Now, I will look at this in another way – you should not only consider the cost of content, but your time for editing and processing as well.

Let’s say I want 20 posts this month for my blog, and I have determined each will need to be about 2,000 words in length. I need 40,000 words written in total.

In the table below I am valuing my time at $50 per hour and have given an editing time average based on my personal experiences with both tools. I also provided a cost per word of .06 cents for outsourcing which is a little bit lower than I would actually expect to spend on outsourced content.

Let’s compare how the real cost for 40,000 words or 20 articles of content might look!

Jasper AI
(Boss Mode)
Content at ScaleOutsourcing
(.06 per word)
40,000 words / 20 articles$59$500$2,400
Editing Time 2 hours per article
40 hours
1 hour per article
20 hours
Editing Cost ($50 per hour)$2,000$1,000None
Total Cost: 20 Ready To Post Articles$2,059$1,500$2,400

Input Type Needed For Each Tool

One of the biggest differences between using these tools is what you need to input to get the content output.

  • Jaspers’ one-shot blog post, which is what I used for these tests, requires a blog topic (versus a keyword), and then you can add an optional tone of voice and target audience. You can enter up to 800 characters for the blog topic, and the more in-depth you can write it the better the out put will be.
  • Content at Scale uses a specific keyword to get your writing started, with an optional additional context box, audience and tone to further refine the topic.

Jasper AI vs Content at Scale: Test #1

Keyword used: can you plant black-eyed peas from the grocery store

Jasper Results

For Jasper I used the “one-shot blog post” template with no additional editing.

Below is the what I input into Jasper with the output that was returned.

The total word count is 278.

jasper AI content output example one shot blog post

Content at Scale Results

Below is the input I entered in Content at Scale for the exact same keyword.

content at scale data input

Below is the output for the input I provided Content at Scale.

Total word count is 1,164 words.

You can also see a table of contents, there are callout boxes for important facts, and much more in-depth details to help a reader with the topic.

jarvis ai vs contentatscale content output comparison

Jasper AI vs Content at Scale Content Comparison For Test #1

Here is the full content from the Content at Scale vs Jasper output for full reading and comparison.

These are screenshots of the 100% unedited content as they were delivered from each tool.

Jasper Output

Jasper content output example 1

Content at Scale Output

content at scale content output example
content at scale content output example
content at scale content output example
content at scale content output example

Jasper AI vs Content at Scale: Test #2

Keyword/topic used: how to become a midwife

Jasper Results

Below is an example of the input and partial output for the above provided topic.

Total word count is 418.

Jasper AI sample content output

Content at Scale Results

Below is a partial screenshot of what Content At Scale returned for the same topic.

Total word count is 1,230.

content at scale results

Jasper AI vs Content at Scale Content Comparison For Test #2

Jasper Output

jasper content output example
jasper content output example

Content at Scale Output

content at scale example 2 content output
content at scale example 2 content output
content at scale example 2 content output
content at scale example 2 content output
content at scale example 2 content output

Special Offers

Jasper AI

Get 10,000 bonus credits using the link below to get started with Jasper.

Content At Scale

For a limited time Content At Scale will offer all new onboarded clients the following:

Keyword research. Yes, if you sign up for the started plan, you will get a year’s worth of keywords ideas.

20% more post credits – so instead of 20 on the starter plan you will get 24 posts.



Final Thoughts

Both tools are great for helping with AI content.

But they each have their unique use cases.

Looking for help writing SEO optimized long-form content that is ready to post with a few small edits?

Then Content At Scale should be the option you go with!

Can I create similar content with Jasper?

Absolutely! But it will take me more time and additional prompts to get it at the same level that Content At Scale delivers right out of the box.

Looking for help with social content, rewriting existing content, or ads?

Then Jasper AI should be the option you choose!

Whichever option you go with, it is important to remember that you should still review EVERY piece of content for clarity, accuracy, and tone. These tools are just that – tools, but to ensure you keep your content quality high you should still edit and proof every piece of content to stay ahead of the competition!